WSCF-AP DVD Our Stories, Our Struggle

Want audio only? Currently, you have four choices of poison: your first choices are a dial-up RealAudio stream and a broadband-quality RealAudio stream. These audio-only streams are kindly hosted by ibiblio. (Note: If you're listening to either of these RealAudio-only streams, you may wish to note that as 'uncropped' streams of the DVD's audio track, the sound only really starts approximately 25 to 30 seconds into the clip. This countdown sequence has been cut from the Windows Media and Google Video streams that are referred to below.)

Want the video as well? Your third option is a multiple bitrate Windows Media stream. This video stream was transcoded by and is hosted kindly by R2. It should be playable on a fair number of media players. It should also be playable on most narrowband and broadband connections (dialup, DSL and so on).

Can't get the Windows Media Video stream to work? Your fifth choice is a broadband-only Google Video stream.

Liked the soundtrack? If you liked the music on this DVD, parts of the CD WSCF-AP Library: Archives and Resource Materials Since 1974, also on this website, are your fifth choices; look in the SCM Songs area. (If you want to sing along, on another website SCM India also have some of the lyrics.)

Want more information? For non-technical information on this DVD, including an abstract and other useful bibliographic data, please refer to

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