WSCF-AP Library: Archives and Resource Materials Since 1974 Archive

Tēnā koe! This directory of stuff has the same content as the CD WSCF-AP Library: Archives and Resource Materials Since 1974, with just the minimal re-working needed to get it to work on the vast interweb. To start:

  1. If you don't mind Macromedia Flash stuff, you could try the Flash-enabled menus.
  2. If you do, or you're a search engine spidering this site, the non-Flash menus will be useful.
  3. If you're looking for some music to play while you read the books, try some SCM songs.

If you're looking for recent publications, you'll probably want to try WSCF A-P's Praxis home page instead for issues from 2001 onwards.

Note: some minor graphical elements made by SCMP that are on the disc are missing -- it appears they were embedded in a self-executing Flash file. This disc launcher contains an automatic player for the music (which probably wouldn't be traffic-efficient for an online implementation anyway), a brief video clip, and some acknowledgements from SCMP regarding the CD project.

Comments and abuse about the site to But I didn't write the books -- e-mail the authors concerned.


I understand that the disc was originally put together by the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines.

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